Growing Old with Ezio Auditore

//Growing Old with Ezio Auditore

Growing Old with Ezio Auditore


  It’s interesting really how this game series over the course of three games has me watching the entire2012-05-10_00001 life of a man play out.  From his birth in Assassin’s Creed to, to his young adult life in Brotherhood, and finally the fatherly years of his Twilight in Revelations.

  It’s a bit unsettling watching him passing by like this, I realize he’s a character but I tend to become quite attached to fictitious figures, their worlds tend to entertain me more than real lives, not exclusively mind you, but often.

  I’m only a short way into the last game, I’m going to discuss it as best I can without spoiling anything, but if you keep reading I can’t really help that some of this will be spoilage, that’s just how life goes. Because of the incidents at the end of Brotherhood you find yourself in the tattered safe mode of the Animus. The simulations of Ezio’s old age are met by a minimalist UI that routinely bugs out, the symbolism is deep but never directly brought to your attention. It permeates the entire environment however and sets an atmosphere of impending doom, not by the hands of Templars but by the inescapable visage of Death itself.


  Trapped in his own mind, Desmond does what anyone would do, begins to reminisce. In the crevices of his mind are the histories of his ancestors, written nearly in full and detailing adventures and trials that dwarf the best of us.

  Is it excellent writing? No, but is what I do excellent writing? No. So I easily eat it up and enjoy it. It does feel as I progress through the game that a part of me is dying with him, that feeling you get when a friend says goodbye for the last time. I realize that we see Altair again throughout the game but his time is likely limited as well, the clock is ticking on them both and the tomes of their adventures will soon flip to the back cover.


  I like this guy, I’m sure he was designed to be likeable but he’s the kind of quirky fellow that really gets me going in video games. He reminds me a bit of Wakka from Final Fantasy X (read the likeable one of the two people you meet in the beginning of X, shame the lead is the unlikeable one there).

  Tomorrow I’ll write about something likely less game related but still certainly related to agedness and the inability for some folks to escape the prisons of their own minds. Should be fun, presuming that I don’t mentally fall over dead tomorrow.

  I’ll also be updating Sea, the next piece should be easy enough seeing as dreaming is something I daydream about. Endless cycle of mental rest on the horizon but never quite in my grasp.


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