Still making great headway on the story. I need to put away 1,666 words per day to reach my goal. I put in 1,800 today. Considering how much thinking I did for the rest of the day that isn’t too bad. If I can keep that up until this weekend and then knock out a couple more 3-4 thousand word days I’ll be making great headway.

  This story is fun. It’s stupid and disjointed but in ways that I like. Once it is done I might read a book or two and remind myself how the stuff is supposed to be done and then edit it. But for now I’m just enjoying writing for the sake of it. NaNoWriMo I shall conquer you in the tackiest way possible.

  I’ve got nothing much else to talk about. My first day of work was exciting and while I’m still figuring things out (seeing as I don’t know anyone) its quite a lot of fun. So with that in mind here is an image from the internet.


FC ~ Get your Pokémon on!


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