Highway Hypnosis ~ Thoughts from the SJ to LA Drive.

//Highway Hypnosis ~ Thoughts from the SJ to LA Drive.

Highway Hypnosis ~ Thoughts from the SJ to LA Drive.

  This post is being written at 8:30 PM on Friday evening. I’ll be post dating it for Friday once we have internet on Monday. It turns out that the U-Verse (AT&T) rep that I spoke with just didn’t put any of my information into the system. That’s weird, but I’m not going to let it get to me, mistakes happen.

  Because I won’t have internet for the next 72 hours I suspect I’ll be getting a lot of writing done. The cell service out here is atrocious, it was ironic that the ATT rep that I spoke with today was getting upset that our call kept dropping. The first rep (before her) asked what service I use, presumably because of the call being terrible, and when I said ATT she laughed. I found it amusing. It’ll cost a little more than I’d hoped but still 25 dollars cheaper than predicted.

  I drove the entire way down from San Jose to Los Angeles. It’s about 4.5 to 5 hours. I actually think it went quite well, the car was full to bursting and I had barely enough room to be. However that little space (and our packing so that I could see all mirrors) was all I needed to have a smooth drive for the duration. There was one point where Liz fell asleep and I decided to keep myself company by talking.

  This works, as long as it is out loud, once you talk in your head you start to fall asleep. Mostly because you are driving at the same speed down a straight road where everything looks the same. You hear the humming of the engine and if you are lucky like I was the road is nearly empty so there isn’t anyone to be watching out for (this being CA, you need to be extremely cautious of other drivers).

  I felt my eyes drop once and immediately my heart raced and never again for the rest of the drive did I even think tired. It was absolutely terrifying and totally unexpected. I didn’t feel sleepy before it happened. There was no accident, not even close to an accident. All in all the car did great. The tune up (which cost me about 500 bucks) seems to have worked, the car had one gear shift snafu but otherwise purred like a happy cat. Which was the reverse of what our two cats were doing.

  They were unhappy in every sense of the word. It is only now at 8:37 at night that they are finally not cowering in our sleeping bag shivering like they’ve been beaten. I had not expected them to be terrified, I’ve only had a dog long term before these cats and dogs are always balls to the walls happen when a new experience comes along. To watch Artemis cowering in a corner was truly heartbreaking. As though Venus heard me writing she just crawled back under the sheets. In her defense Liz has left the place a bit chilly so maybe she just wants to get nice and toasty.

  The cost of our move was less than expected. We went over on boxes to a wild degree. We predicted 51 (because the lady said 50 was a ton of boxes) and ended up at 80 something. I think this is because they expect you to use gigantic boxes and we were worried we’d break their spines in half. Not once did they complain about weight and it doesn’t look like they ruined our old apartment too much. Hoping to get a chunk of our deposit back.

  I think that is all for now. I’m going to write for my story (NaNoWriMo) because the last two days were just too busy. My hip sockets are raw and my body is exhausted but I’m finally here. Monday begins the real new leg of our journey in life. I am genuinely optimistic but somewhere deep inside I will be cautiously worried. Doesn’t help that the motor one one of our windows just broke right as we got into the complex. C’est La Vie.

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