So, unless I’m mistaken, today was Father’s day. For those of you reading this and saying “Really?” you can join me in such feelings. Holidays are weird, I know that’s not some deep revelation but they have slowly grown outdated for me.

  As a child I adored them, those special highlights in the monstrosity that was a year. You would see 365 days and wonder how any mortal could possibly reach the end. Holidays were like those checkpoints in sonic, flipping and making glorious sounds as you passed them.


Easter? Really? I swear it was just Halloween… What did I get for Christmas?

  But as I have gotten older and the various mechanics of my life have stretched out into monthly chunks I find that Holidays come and pass too quickly to be of value. They are not unlike a flash of light from a streetlamp, impacting you momentarily before being utterly forgotten.

  I’m still working on slowing my life down. I received a most gracious gift from my Father-in-Law this week, Stephen King’s “On Writing”. I’m about 103 pages into it (all of which I read the day I got it) and am looking forward to finishing it. The various addictions of my life battle relentlessly with my desire to write and read but I do think I’ll come out on top.

  On the video game front there really isn’t much to look forward to this year, I suspect soon I’ll be talking about the F2P conversion of SWTOR which is likely to be coming. It’s one of those things that was obvious from the get go and really speaks of a much deeper issue. Sales of video games are down something like 28% year-over-year, this is not merely because of an economic downturn, the businessification (a fake word) of video games was inevitably going to cripple them in terms of profit. That, I think, is beautiful irony and something I’d like to dive into.

  But for tonight I will relax, the next slice of my month long quest for two paychecks begins. Following that I will find myself annoyed by 2 separate airports and in between moderately surprised that I’m surrounded by relatives.

  PS. Started a guild on Moonrunner in WoW, if you are one of those folks who happens to play it “For funsies.” I’d be more than happy to hang out with you. Just drop an in game mail to “Votum” and we’ll schedule something.

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