Hollow Man and Self-Fulfilling prophecies in World of Warcraft

//Hollow Man and Self-Fulfilling prophecies in World of Warcraft

Hollow Man and Self-Fulfilling prophecies in World of Warcraft

Sebastian: You know what, Matt? It’s amazing what you can do… when you don’t have to look at yourself in the mirror any more.

I had something else I wanted to talk about today but instead I’m going to take a short moment to discuss something I find unfortunate. There is a natural inclination in people to take a previous life experience and hard sell it for the rest of their future experiences. This leads to a phenomenon known as self-fulfilling prophecies. I’d like to give you a single example today and maybe throw a little bit of life advice in with it.

I was playing World of Warcraft with Liz earlier and we were running some random dungeons. Random dungeons have you teaming up with 5-N other strangers (where N is the number of people in your party). In this case we had 3 other strangers in our groups. We ran between six and ten dungeons today. Probably closer to six but I don’t quite recall. The last unfortunately did not end on a high note.

An item dropped that was considerably better than what I’m wearing and I needed on it, no harm no foul. I then got the statement “Douche move lock.” Naturally I replied “?” and got something to the effect of “Why do you have to be a jerk and need on that item?”

Now I’m confused, I play wow casually and the only class I have a very strong understanding of is Hunter and Shaman about 5 updates ago. The item itself was nice but frankly we level so quickly that it wasn’t really all that important to me. So I explained to the gal that she could have just asked for it nicely, presuming I win it, and I’d happily have given it to her. Heck in that situation I’d have even apologized for the momentary disappointment. I was still planning to give it to her if I won it with the humble advice of perhaps “growing up”.

Then her partner decided to chime in with his own advice.
Faggot? Really?

So apparently not realizing that this item was “perfect healer” gear was grounds to insult me. He considered the mere act of using a game mechanic as it was designed made me “bad”.

It was the specific nature of his insult that caused me to just shut off to them entirely. Had he called me a jerk, an ass, a mook, an idiot, or a myriad of things I’d have just told him to grow up. I would have probably still given the gal the item and bid them both adieu because in most situations that’s what I do.

I’d hope that it will help them rethink their lives – even if just a tiny bit – and I’d lose literally nothing from it.

But people who use faggot or nigger to insult people are a type of dirt that I really can’t contend with. They take loaded words that have very dark histories and they throw them around like there is nothing to them. The secondary reason I’m writing this post is to set Verítas of Silver Hand as a bigot on the public stage. Do I think that will change anything? No. But I don’t think they should just get to stealthily sneak through the internet and act like cads. It’s hollow man syndrome and I won’t have any of it.

Furthermore using a name with a “difficult” letter does little to delay people finding you. Dahlía I am only slightly disappointed in. They have become jaded and should take to heart what I’m about to say because apparently after I left Liz told them that I’d have happily handed it over if they simply asked and they replied “We’ve played long enough to know that’s a lie.” and “BS.”

The next time you find yourself watching something unfold that seems callous to you, perhaps rude, or even uncaring. Instead of going off the rails and taking a simple situation and making it complicated. Take a breath.

  There is no more certain way to live a life of perpetual hell than to spend your every waking moment making certain hell persists.

Treat every experience with a grain of salt and don’t let it blind you to the ever changing landscape of life. By all means ignore the advice if you wish. I believe I won that roll on a 100, which suggests to me that probability itself was agreeing that you handled it wrong. It’s pretty bad when an uncaring unthinking force of nature is against you. I am – of course – kidding and know that the event had no effect on the odds. I will fully admit I am glad they did not win it however, which suggests that the desire for persecution does exist in me to some degree.

If its any consolation I put you both on ignore and (as the screenshot shows) reported it. I don’t expect anything to happen. I won’t be thinking about you, about what you said, or the event. The nature of ignore is simple, you both vanished in that moment. You lost your right to exist in my mind and in conversation. I do hope that someday we meet on alternate accounts and you have both grown up.

Or that we never meet at all. Either situation is acceptable.

So long strangers, sorry that your experiences and minds have both failed you.

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