Hopefully a busy weekend. Reviews and more Stories soon!

//Hopefully a busy weekend. Reviews and more Stories soon!

Hopefully a busy weekend. Reviews and more Stories soon!

  I started up Pikmin 3 last night and thus far it is blowing my ass away. When Nintendo really puts effort behind a game it is good in ways that I can barely express in words. There is just so much about it that goes so right and it drains every last bit of adult out of me. By the end of it I’m exhausted but genuinely feeling young. I played right up till my gamepad died and then slinked off to bed. Thoughts of Pikmin dancing in my head.

  Nintendo is a company that I deeply love and I wish I worked there quite often. They don’t always make the best decisions and often the dirty business side of their company shines through. If you don’t own a Wii U you don’t really know just how wonderful it is and I’m not going to mock you or anything like that for not having experienced it. It’s largely their fault for calling it “Wii U” instead of giving it a new name. It’s a console that genuinely does not deserve the low install base that it has. I really like my PS3 but even I am left admitting that the Wii U is the only real game console around anymore. It’s centered around those emotions and features that I’ve always associated with my best gaming experiences (both old and new).

  Hopefully it’ll pick up after people get over the next generation of consoles. They do genuinely deserve it.

  I didn’t update yesterday but it didn’t have to do with my immersion back into Skyrim. I ended up working late into the morning so that I could take today off. Which is good because I really needed this. I need more time to myself and more time to be creative. I’ll be updating the 30 Days story this weekend and I might even rewrite a new short story! I have so many stories floating around and I really have nobody but myself to blame for them not being out there in the world.

  We’ll also see some more video game reviews this weekend. I need to get caught up as it is becoming painfully apparent to me that I’m burning through a lot of games and haven’t been reviewing them.

  Shocker to the head!

So much awesome going down in this image.

Deprideo thinking.

The shadowing and composition of this image just blow me away. I had to pause in game to take it in.

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