Hot days, Birthdays, and Elvis days

//Hot days, Birthdays, and Elvis days

Hot days, Birthdays, and Elvis days

  In about 30 minutes I will be turning 27. That’s quite strange. I feel like just yesterday I was playing games on the Gamecube or watching shows on Cartoon Network. Weirder still I can more vividly remember earlier events in my life than recent ones. College was basically a wash of time and space. It’s this large murky canvas that masks some sort of message underneath.

  Naturally I’ve been fatigued and nauseous for most of today. I think that’s my body just reminding me that I’m getting older and to prepare for a long bumpy ride. It’s amusing to me that I feel so old and yet I look like I’m still a child. Most of the other people I know have started (or already) turned into adults. Yet here I am with all these funky stress related illnesses, a bad complexion, and a body built like a teen. A scrawny teen, but a teen nonetheless.

  We watched Flashpoint today and it was exceptionally good. Fantastic writings, great animation, and good sound design. I might write a review for it (something short) in the coming week. I highly recommend it to people who are fans of comics. I believe its drawn by the people (or person) who do Boondocks but that’s entirely guesswork. The art styles are remarkably similar.

  On a closing note I wanted to talk about a strange punctuation to my 26th year. Picture Liz and myself sitting at a traffic light waiting to turn left. We would have made the light but naturally the guy in front of us for the light had been looking at his cellphone (or staring very intently at his penis). I understand because he must be so very important [or again infatuated with his penis, possible given the rest of this story].

  As we are waiting for the next light a man walks from the sidewalk to our left into the road. I didn’t know what I was witnessing at first. I had heard and read lots of tales about people killing themselves by marching out in front of trains. Here was this man going out into oncoming traffic with apparently no care in the world for his own safety. He was an exceptionally fat man, sweating profusely (likely because of the heat), his hair was thinning and balled at the top. The rest that remained was jet black and slicked back.

  He held in his right hand a bible with a picture of angel wings drawn on the inside cover. He held it up and danced. I’m fairly certain I could see an ear bud in his ear but he might have just been hearing the voices of the heavens. Whatever he was hearing was apparently very good. He twisted and twirled, occasionally jumping on the tips of his toes, and pointing jovially at people as they passed.

  Sometimes he would walk directly in front of a car and it would have to stop. The people in the car just watched him, perplexed by this impossibility unfolding before them, this odd hybrid of the king of pop and the king of rock gyrating before them.

  He continued to dance slowly across the road through a full rotation of lights. It wasn’t until he reached the other side (from bottom left to top right) that our light switched. His last act that we witnessed was pointing at an ambulance that was passing by and giving it a thumbs up.

  I’ve seen a lot of strange things in my life, I’ve been on the receiving end of some incredibly unfortunate oddities, but I feel like this might be the strangest thing I’ve ever seen.

  Stranger still is that apparently he does this every day and at different times throughout the day. After mentioning it at our office it turned out that three other people have seen it thus far in the last two days. I can’t decide if I’m worried for him or happy he exists.

  He reminded me that there are always strange things to witness out in the world. Even the most stagnant of lives can be punctuated with the unexpected. That’s a good reminder and I think everyone deserves from time to time. It might make you uncomfortable at the moment but in the end it’s a healthy reminder.

  I don’t know who my fat Elvis is, but the little I know about him I like. Not enough to convert me to rhythmic bibleism but I can appreciate what he is (perhaps unintentionally) doing for people. I do hope that someone like the cellphone guy doesn’t run him down though.

  And there you go.

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