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Hot Pockets!

  I know this is going to come across as an advert, but the dude doesn’t even know me and I sure as heck won’t be getting a paycheck. However I like when people do smart things and want to do something to ensure that further people see the perks of doing something smart.

  Louis CK brought in about 1 million dollars when he sold his show personally on his website for 5 dollars, no DRM, no complicated procedures, just you and him in a simple transaction. I bought it the second I found out about it and, to my embarrassment, I haven’t watched it yet.

  Jim Gaffigan is about to try it himself, and I would love to see this man succeed. I realize comedy is subjective and that someone isn’t objectively funny, even the funniest person you know is hated by somebody. However I think most people reading this will love his comedy. Jim Gaffigan is one of the few comedians that has really lifted me up with his jokes, they aren’t necessarily complicated but the material is genuinely entertaining. He’ll take a shitty day and flip it for you, that is easily worth 5 dollars.

  I’m hoping he takes off and I’m hoping that more people follow his lead (or rather Louis CK, Nine Inch Nails, and Rage [I think] did), this is a model I want to see really blossom. It has basically worked for the Humble Indie Bundles and perhaps we are on the precipice of a publisher free universe?

  Plus there is some personal greed involved, seeing as I will want to self publish my own writing I don’t want to see anyone before me crumble using this method.

  I would urge anyone from any country to check out that post and to follow his progress. When the special releases give it a purchase and have a fantastic experience. I’m looking forward to it and if I time it correctly I can have a marathon run of Louis CK’s Special and His back to back.

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