How does Final Fantasy demonstrate our infinite dimensionless multiverse?

//How does Final Fantasy demonstrate our infinite dimensionless multiverse?

How does Final Fantasy demonstrate our infinite dimensionless multiverse?

I’ve been playing an unhealthy amount of Final Fantasy X lately. I decided rather randomly that I wanted a platinum trophy on it. If you are looking for a game to do this on, don’t make it Final Fantasy X. The game itself is actually quite good, much better than I remember, but the hidden content is terrible. Not just terrible but horribly terrible. RNG designed by people who are infamous for being terrible at RNG. But I digress, that isn’t why you are here or why I am writing this, at least not in its entirety. I should also clarify that this is not “known” but fairly intelligent people seem to think it is plausible.

I was recently told that the multiverse is not necessarily a set of bubbles in an egg carton as they are often visualized but instead some kind of dimensionless zone. An infinitely many universes existing in an infinitely small (or infinitely large) space. They can do this because each one does not take up actual space as we would understand it. This initially left me very unfulfilled and naturally I stored it in my “brew on this” part of the brain. That part that randomly turns on while I’m playing Final Fantasy or succumbing to incredible flatulence.

As I sat there playing FFX I thought to myself of the nature of what I was experiencing. The entire game exists physically for me on a flat surface. In some ways it takes up no space (as electrons are mass less and that is what I’m observing). It can be argued that what we are seeing is a simulation, its all light and not “real”. But energy and mass are one in the same, we aren’t necessarily any more tangible than what is going on inside a video game. A set of rules determines what is tangible and what is not. How fast everything can move. What can be seen and not seen. Everything has rules that cannot be broken, presuming the system is coded properly. But perhaps dark matter is an example of the laws of our own universe being flimsy.

This isn’t to say I think we are living in a simulation. I’ve covered that before. It’s just an analogy to help visualize it. Basically an entire universe is rendered before my eyes on what is effectively a flat surface. Perhaps we could further argue that it exists “in two dimensions” relative to our own perspective. This could potentially be the limitation of the infinite universes. Infinitely many 3 dimensional universes can be rendered (so to speak) in a 4 dimensional universe. Infinitely many 2 dimensional universes can be rendered in a 3rd dimensional universe. Infinitely many 1 dimensional from the 2 dimension and possibly so on? If it is even possible to have a 0->1 dimensional universe. I’m going to guess it is but it cannot be perceived or its something simple that is overlooked. I am, after all, speaking about physical dimensions.


Universes all the way down...

Universes all the way down…

In this way we’ve been simulating the multiverse for a very long time. Perhaps someday the combined wealth of all human creation will be a multiverse in itself. Billions upon billions of worlds with their own rules, histories, galaxies, etc. The picture example I’ve given is spaced (heh) just for ease of viewing. You could easily have each of them occupying what would effectively be the same space. An infinitely small width with infinitely many infinitely thin wafers within it.

Looking at it from this angle, or dare I say this dimension, helps me a bit more to appreciate the notion. While I still like the idea of the universes being bubbles that bump up against one another, I’m willing to accept that it could be possible that we are a 3 dimensional projection, from a 4 dimensional universe, on what we’d consider a 2 dimensional surface.

What does a 2 dimensional surface look like in 4 dimensions? I suppose it would be a 3 dimensional surface…

Oh dear. Putting that in the brew tank.

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