How to Entertain without the Internet & Kanye Moment

//How to Entertain without the Internet & Kanye Moment

How to Entertain without the Internet & Kanye Moment

  Today was another busy day. We replenished some of the items that were old and/or broken from our last apartment. The place is starting to look more and more like ours. This morning, which feels like so long ago now, the movers came and delivered all our stuff. They did a pretty great job, I’ve hooked up some of the electronics and it all appears to be working. The only thing that was broken was one of our target bookshelves. They guy looked so distraught when he told me (he was the same person who picked up our stuff in San Jose). I asked him how I can handle it without him getting in trouble and he told me that it was fine, the bookshelf is pressboard and his boss shouldn’t skin him when I report it. This is good and means I’ll be filing it on Monday when I have the time.

  Our apartment is, as I mentioned yesterday, without internet. This morning when the movers were moving stuff into the house we opened the front door for them. For a bit it remained motionless and then the gradual changes in pressure from inside the house and outside started to cause it to sway. In and out, one time it even closed only to open itself right back up. We watched this for likely 5 minutes, maybe 10. I had a revelation somewhere in there that this is what people do when they don’t have the internet. People make fun with whatever is available, for us at that moment it was a door swaying in the canyon winds.

  The air up here is crisp and fresh, it reminds me a lot of Alaska. So far just about everyone I’ve met is incredibly friendly which is another plus. Lots of people saying hello and smiling ear to ear. It’s a bit surreal when you consider how bitter people always looked in San Jose. One guy even told us about a place where you can get one of a hundred different kinds of Margarita. I forget where he said you could get them but it was amusing that it came up.

  Somewhat related to the door I found myself spinning a D20 on our new counters for a while. I love watching objects spin and for dice (or coins) it is really helpful to have a nice smooth surface.

  Our house is very well insulated, the fridge water is delicious, the shower is well designed (we did get a new shower head though, will be installing that tomorrow), the stove is amazing, and well frankly I just really like this place. I want this place to work. I’m going to do everything I can to make it work. Someday when we have a house I hope its as nice as this place. I’ve spoken with a few people here about the travel from here to Glendale and they all scoffed at the warnings about it taking hours. The man told me it takes him about 40 minutes most of the day and the gal (one of the employees here) said about the same for her.

  This was comforting for me seeing as my first experience with traffic in LA will be my first day of work. This means I can’t underestimate it or I’d be late and look like a total idiot. In hindsight I wish my first real day had been Tuesday so I could have attempted the drive on Monday as sort of a pseudo first day. C’est La Vie.

  One of the times I needed to use the Business Center today (because I have no internet) there was a group of kids in there using the computers already. They were listening to music and when I walked in one of them jumped off the computer and said “You need this? Here you go!” I thanked him, seeing as he offered before I even had a chance to ask. He told me it was no problem and then I sat down to get to work.

  He hadn’t had time to turn off the music yet and the four of them began to giggle as the very white me began typing away while Kanye West was playing in the background. I am familiar with Kanye (I actually like him, his ego problems don’t matter in the slightest to me) and 808 and Heartbreak is one of my favorite recent CDs. Anyways I wasn’t familiar with this song (it comes from his newer stuff where he calls himself Yeezus or something similar). Every time he said the “N*” they’d start giggling and each time he did it again they’d giggle even harder.

  It was amusing mostly because I know and listen to Kanye West (among other things) but it reminded me of the lighter side of racism. I like that they saw super white me working while the music played and it gave them reason to laugh. I wish that more instances of racism involved neutral impact (or positive) on one or both parties. I know I felt better hearing them laugh.

  I am ridiculously tired. Today was another long day of walking and moving boxes. I have a feeling that it will take me a full week to recover from this move physically. Mentally I haven’t felt better. Our economic situation is still up in the air but I feel like if my family could pull this off for two decades I can probably do it for a few months.

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