I don’t see the problem with Amazon using UAVs (Drones).

//I don’t see the problem with Amazon using UAVs (Drones).

I don’t see the problem with Amazon using UAVs (Drones).

  Amazon is thinking about adding a drone service to their various shipping options. Naturally this has people nervous because it uses the word drone and the last time we heard that it was because there are military drones that drop hellfire missiles on random people overseas.

  Drone, I feel, is a word that has a lot of stigma and not all of it is justified. Personally I think this is super cool and would like to see it happen. My reasoning is that there are a series of negatives it can bring like privacy loss (if it is equipped with a camera) or potentially danger from falling packages but these are all things that are likely to happen with companies that will do this anyways while simultaneously not doing anything beneficial for you.

  I know that sounds like “just give up and take it” but I mean more that we shouldn’t think that stopping Amazon will stop the snowball that is the NSA/TSA overreach. If people are genuinely worried about the Government they should actually work to change things and to end the hyper sensitivity that has arises since the New York attack [which I probably won’t call by its tagline anymore].

  Drones aren’t necessarily a bad thing. We can use them for all sorts of tasks, crop dusting could become much more fuel efficient, shipping packages by drones potentially frees up precious road space by reducing shipping vehicles, and though similar to the previous point you could use drones to quickly ship medications to people who desperately need them as soon as possible.

  Imagine being able to bypass the obscene traffic in LA and deliver important medications to someone’s door?

  They aren’t all great and I’m sure there is a lot of problems with them but I don’t think anything people fear is going to be accelerated by Amazon. If anything it will raise awareness and when the NSA inevitably tries to use them in the US (and they will) people will be more observant and potentially speak up.

  Amazon is no saint for sure but they don’t stand to gain anything by providing a privacy concern for their prime members. That’s bad business and they tend to be in the business of making money, not losing it.

  Just my 2 cents. I’m probably missing something.

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