If it can be imagined, it can be done.

//If it can be imagined, it can be done.

If it can be imagined, it can be done.

Ah how to start this, I have a lot of go to lines but I hate to be too predictable. Then again I bet this indecisive beginning is my most clichéd tool. Regardless I want to talk today about what is possible. I posit  that anything you can imagine is possible.

Normally when I say this people say “Well I can imagine being a dolphin that is simultaneously a pigeon, or I can imagine myself going back in time and killing my grandparents.” Or they name any other numerous examples of things that you can’t imagine.

Now sure you might be able to “kinda imagine” it. You’ll imagine the vagueness of it, the basic overtones of time travel, the notion of killing someone, and then the basic ramifications of the incident. But you can’t literally imagine it, you are missing nearly every part of the puzzle. I can imagine a toaster toasting toast down to pretty specific details, I can get so close with my imagination that if I were to plan it out I’d end up with a toaster and I’d get toast.

But imagining time travel? I can’t do that, nobody can or has ever done that. We’ve imagined the most broad points of it, being in point X then being in point Y, but we are no closer to imagining it truly as we are grasping the size of the planet. It is never done, by anyone, nobody in the history of man has ever accurately imagined the size of the planet. We can explain it, write out the literal measurements, but your brain literally cannot cope with that scale.

You can’t even imagine the literal scale of your own town compared to your body. Vaguely you can convince yourself otherwise but it is something you literally cannot do.

However! This does not mean that all things unimaginable are impossible, in fact I would argue that almost everything is unimaginable but we have done quite a lot of unimaginable things. The process of landing on the moon is not something the brain can grasp. It can trod along with the basics and it can end up convincing itself that “its got it” but the entire scale of the ordeal is just impossible to comprehend. At least it has been thus for billions of humans.

What I’m saying is that we cannot say what cannot be done. Because just saying it is unintuitive or something I cannot imagine is moronic, nearly everything is.

Everything you can imagine is possible. And anything you think you can imagine that is seemingly impossible is not being truly imagined. You are cutting corners, being ultimately vague, many involved processes are conflicting. You are lying to yourself in such a convincing manner that even you are certain that it is true.

After all, how can we conquer mistakes in our brain when our entire being is locked within the inner workings of those broken systems.

We are, in some ways, a ghost in a shell. A prisoner in a system that dooms us. But its not all gloomy, because what we can imagine and what we can accomplish with abstract mathematics and science are still beautiful things. If you consider that the universe is infinitely large (effectively if not literally) then your tiny miniscule imagination abilities are a fraction of that infinitely large number. What you are left with is still a massive number.

We can still imagine beauty, we can imagine beauty on scales so grand that they cripple us in their majesty. But in the farthest reaches of our ability to imagine we are still dwarfed in comparison to the true whole of it all.

Just as we are invisible specks on the surface of an invisible spec in the middle of a nearly invisible galaxy amid the great void of space, the scope of our imagination compared to that of the true majesty of the universe is invisibly small.

Beautiful but small, not something to be ashamed of but something to appreciate and adore.

However it should never succumb to the hubris of thinking that it can genuinely comprehend things that are genuinely incomprehensible. I leave you with an example of what grandness our tiny imaginations can pull from the unimaginable.

The Universe brought to you by Scrubbing Bubbles.

PS. Carl Sagan used to say of the 4th dimension “We cannot see it but we can imagine it perfectly well.” I feel the heart of this message is solid but one must be able to pull apart imagining something and literally truly unequivocally compiling and imagining something. Perhaps I should try and think up a word for that thing…

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