Image of the Day: Taking in the Scenery

I often forget how pretty Skyrim is.

I often forget how pretty Skyrim is.

So I’m a bit nauseous tonight but this week we’ll be learning ActionScript. I say we but I think I’ve kinda got an idea now. I think the project will be a simple platforming game in the style of Super Mario Bros 3’s first level. It’ll involve a camera that follows you, a character that jumps, some kind of enemies, and some kind of goal.

You might be thinking “Tall order!” but I do have at least one functional demo you can take a bite out of. I shrank the display of the game because I forgot some people are on laptops. But its still fully functional.

The Hopper

  It has come a considerable ways since the first time I talked about it, though most of it is behind the scenes so you’d be none-the-wiser I suppose. One of the last things I plan to do to this prototype is to add resizing. Otherwise it is as done as I think I’ll be making it.