Image of the Day: Taking the bait + Two Free Destiny PS3 Beta Keys up for grabs!

I changed my mind! I don't want to be the bait!

I changed my mind! I don’t want to be the bait!

Hey folks!

So they give you 3 Closed Beta Keys when you get signed up to bring two friends. If you are visiting then I think you are probably cool enough to take one of these bad boys. So all I want you to do is take your favorite screenshot from any game you really like and post it here. Once I get enough contestants (assuming I get anyone, lol) I’ll pick two winners and you can have your keys as soon as this Saturday! Maybe even tomorrow if we get a few bites (heh bites).

All I ask is that you take the screenshot yourself (I’ll check but I’m sure you could fool me) and that you understand you’ll need to give me some kind of email because if I post it here that shit is going to get snapped up. I’m 100% ok with throwaway emails, I don’t want anyone thinking I’m trying to sign them up for spam or anything. Gmail, Ymail, or whatever else suits you, but I’ll only try to email it once :).

On the flip side, if nobody enters into the contest I’ll have one key for myself and two keys to print out and roll around on. Seems like I win either way I suppose?

Yes, that it does.

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    • I had a pretty hearty laugh at this.

      Thanks for that! I played Destiny earlier yesterday and its pretty sweet! I think you’ll like it!

      I’ve removed your email from the post so that bots don’t catch and spam it. I’ll email you the key in the next 30-60 seconds :).

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