Impacts of Poor Health

//Impacts of Poor Health

Impacts of Poor Health

  I haven’t updated in a while. It isn’t that there hasn’t been a lot to talk about, I’ve been genuinely wanting to update. However lately I’ve been dealing with a remarkable amount of pain, the kind of relentless pain that just exhausts you.

  By Friday of this week I could barely keep my mind together to even work. It fluctuates, today I’m mostly just exhausted and a bit numb, but when it hits it hits like a truck. This leaves me having a great amount of trouble keeping coherent and even now I’m a bit blah.

   If I can manage to keep myself together this weekend I’ll try and pop out quite a few updates (over the next few days). The world keeps on ticking and I’ve been interested in a lot of topics and thought pieces.

  A specialist in my particular problems has suggested I take an antibiotic that actually can cause much of my problems as side effects. I understand that somewhere deep down it makes sense and I do plan to take the medication (need to pick it up in the next few days).

  But I’ll be honest, quite strange.

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