In Thoughtless Thought

//In Thoughtless Thought

In Thoughtless Thought

  This has been a remarkably long short week, one day off and I still feel so utterly exhausted. Mentally I am not much better, luckily the days of “How it’s made” and Lensmoor have loosened up my brain box enough to keep my smirking.

  I really like that show, it was designed for folks like me, which is quite a lot of people I suspect. Seeing how things are made is fascinating, understanding how the world works is fantastic. Big or small, these little discoveries help build us and bring us closer to the goal of mental unity.

  I like that someday when I have kids and they ask me how something works I’ll be able to impart upon them some level of accurate information, on the spot. That will be truly wonderful, I hope I will never catch myself stifling their creativity or curiosity.

  That’s a ways away though, so I won’t put too much thought into it for now. Instead I’ll think about the here and now and adding more to the storybook this weekend. It contains relative times options, and so I think I’m going to try building the entire history into it (the major bits).

  That’ll be best. Now I’m going to go rest, we’ll see if I get enough rest tonight to manage some meaningful thoughts tomorrow.

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