Inktober #1 | Felo’melorn

//Inktober #1 | Felo’melorn

Inktober #1 | Felo’melorn

I’m participating in Inktober this year. I’ve never done it before. I also haven’t been drawing in any serious capacity in a decade, possibly two. This is not something I’m saying to excuse the quality of the drawing. I don’t even think it needs to be excused. It’s more of a reminder to myself that I literally know nothing about this sort of thing. Shading, lighting, textures, all the bells and whistles of art are mysteries to me. I’m thinking this little adventure over October will be a chance for me to learn these things. Plus, drawing each day means that I’ll have something to talk about on the website.

The sword below is my attempt to draw the Felo’melorn, an Artifact weapon for Mages in World of Warcraft. The next thing I draw will probably not be colored…I feel like I could have done a much better job just outlining this bastard. That’s fine though, everyday is a new day to learn and improve.



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