Iron Oak Throat

//Iron Oak Throat

Iron Oak Throat

  As I feel my throat hardening I realize that we have reached a special time of the new year, my first cold. I wonder what various surprises it will have in store for me. Further still I wonder what sequence of events lead to me acquiring this bug.

  Was it a harmless jump through the air, one infected person at the local sandwich shop passing it along the air as the spoke? How about on the handle of a door, so many doors could be the culprit if this is the case. We have the door to Togo’s, the door the the office building, the door to the office itself, and the every worry some bathroom door. Oh that terrible terrible thing, each time I’m using the restroom and someone walks right out without washing I’m reminded that I’d be safer eating my dinner off the toilet seat than the door handle.

  How about a sneeze? I sit at the front of the office, perhaps a sneeze sent the particulate matter across the room and onto my keyboard. If the internet is to be believed a person could launch a sneeze 40 full meters if it was unrestrained. That’s about 130 (40*3.3)  feet for those of you still measuring with body parts.

  The buttons on the microwave, the flap to the Panera’s treats that came in today…oh so many ways. Or perhaps it was merely a dormant bacterium/virus that has finally blossomed in my throat? Could this be something I actually “caught” some days ago and only now has the battle in my throat grown to such a size that I now feel it in the inflamed rings of my vocal cords?

  It’s actually probably higher than that, usually the place I feel the pain in my throat in my head is considerably different than where it is when I start prodding my neck with my fingers. It is, to my knowledge, not the bacteria itself that causes the damage in a sore throat but the inflammation from your white cells destroying the intrusion. They get overzealous and begin damaging the surrounding tissue similar to necrosis of the brain.

  I was going to verify this bit of info but the internet failed me for today, so take those comments with a grain of salt and just assume I’m wrong until you or I find otherwise.

  If it is the common cold it would appear that I’m being assaulted by a pokeball.


  I always thought those little devices were so harmless, but the little buggards are doing more than harboring super powered aliens, they are attacking all of humanity!

  So if you haven’t already gathered I’m quite tired and in that unfortunate first few steps of a cold, where you know it is coming but can do nothing to really curb the impact besides drinking lots of water. I’m reminded of those days when you know you are going to vomit. There is that terrible lead up, followed by the inevitable event, then finally the relief afterwards.

  Unless you were me a couple months ago when I couldn’t stop for over a week.

  But I digress.

  How incredible, the power of the small. Strength in numbers I suppose.

(PS. I added buggards to my dictionary on live writer, you should too).

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