It doesn’t matter at all if humans caused climate change.

//It doesn’t matter at all if humans caused climate change.

It doesn’t matter at all if humans caused climate change.

  I think I’ve mentioned this before but I was annoyed by a video on YouTube. The top comment on a new video about climate change said gleefully that “humans have had no impact”. They then cited Saturn and made some obscure point about it being inhospitable on other planets (duh).

  Let’s be very clear. Climate change is extremely bad. Water shortages, food shortages, incredible extinction events, and this is not even counting the other horrifying natural destruction that global industrialization has caused (extinction events, radioactive waste spilling into the sea, clear cutting of the rainforest, etc).

  It does not matter at all if humans have lead to climate change. What matters is that we know it is extremely bad. We know this. It doesn’t matter if a tree falls on you and breaks your legs because of no fault of man, you need humanity to repair those broken bones or you will suffer for the rest of your life.

  There is nothing to win by arguing against science and acting like because human’s have had no impact that there is nothing that needs to be done. It’s one thing to be ignorant but surrendering to apathy is inhuman. It is genuinely gross.

  Humans may not have had an impact (we have) and maybe we didn’t cause global warming (we did), but we know it is very bad. When something very bad happens it is imperative that we stop it from happening. This is the essence of humanity, this is what we do. We must stop it, badgering on about what caused it helps nothing. It’s a masturbatory act that serves no other purpose but that.

  The next time someone starts getting uppity about humans not being the cause remind them that that has never mattered in the past. We’ve always taken care of society (more or less) when nature steps end to do great harm. Humanity didn’t cause the tsunami, the Earthquake in Haiti, or the eruption of Vesuvius. But we didn’t let everyone suffer eternally because of them. We know the mechanisms behind it, we can stop it. After that people can bury their heads in the dirt if they wish.

  The Earth will survive climate change. Humanity will not. It falls upon us to decide if we care or not.

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