Just another sleepy Thursday.

//Just another sleepy Thursday.

Just another sleepy Thursday.

  I can’t do much in the way of play games lately because of my preparations for move and working a job at the same time. I will say that so far I really enjoy my new job. I have a project going right now that I think will be pretty popular once I work out some kinks.

  Writing for NaNoWriMo is going well. Very well, I still haven’t written for today but once food is done I’ll be getting right on that. I think the update for today should be some of the easiest writing I’ve had to pull off. The biggest problem is that my sleep schedule is all out of whack. I’m nearly done with the entire Pokedex for Pokemon Y but I’ll be darned if that precipice isn’t keeping me up far too late.

  It’s a habit I’ll need to break soon. I can’t sleep in once my work isn’t five steps from my bed. Even now I’ve probably only got about thirty minutes before my eyes start to get heavy. I can already feel it creeping up. Not a good thing for sure. A review is coming but like most games I review there are already thirty million reviews for the games out in the nether. I more do it for my own enjoyment and a moment to reflect on what makes a game good or bad for me. It helps with my own job and aspirations.

  In the spirit of Thursday here is a picture of Chris Hemsworth. You are welcome.


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