JustTheTip EP.12 ~ Lucius

///JustTheTip EP.12 ~ Lucius

JustTheTip EP.12 ~ Lucius

When I first loaded up Lucius I was expecting some very lazy attempt to scare me with a little white kid. It wouldn’t be the first time that a game has done it. It might be the first time a game has done it intentionally. But certainly not the first overall. Imagine my surprise when the game controls were finally rendered unto me and I was controlling the creepy white kid. Oh joy! By the end of the tutorial I had murdered our maid and I realized that this was going to be one strange ass experience.

Strange it was! For the next hour I did the bidding of my father and murdered folks all over the house. I don’t know if the game is trying to take itself as a joke or not but I got quite a few smiles out of it. The kills are over the top and silly. The graphics are just bad enough to keep you out of the moment and examining it more as a piece of work rather than an actual internal experience. I don’t know if that’s ever really a good thing but it worked here. When you are slipping someone’s noggin into a rotary saw it helps.

Each kill is a little more complicated than the one before. Think of them as puzzles to solve in a house with very little direction. It’s not open ended. There is one correct answer, but it gives you free range to figure that shit out. Also amusingly you can do chores in between the killing to unlock various perks like a Ouija board that gives you hints.

There are crosses throughout the house that make you weaker but naturally you can turn them over to render them moot. This earth centrist requirement for crosses has fascinated me for some time now. If you were a vampire in space how would you know if a cross was rightside up or upside down? Does it only matter in relation to your own direction? I doubt anyone has a satisfying answer but at least in this mansion upside down == good, for you.

The audio is fine. The voice acting is fine. The controls are fine. The whole thing is a silly campy affair. I was asked by a stream viewer to finish the game and so I’ll be likely playing it this Saturday. I’m going to need some snacks because it’ll probably take a little time. Regardless if you can find it for a few bucks I wouldn’t tell you not to. Its a silly, weird, experience that is probably worth an hour or two of your time.

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