Katydid was a ladydid.

//Katydid was a ladydid.

Katydid was a ladydid.

  Today was a great day. I like surprises, most of the time, and today was one of those times. I found myself aflutter with new possibilities and it was a good feeling. It felt wonderfully serendipitous given the Katydid find last night. Tonight I came home to find that our friend was no longer with us, having gone to better places (Oregon perhaps). What it left behind was a mark of opportunity and a reminder of my own need to keep learning.


  That little stripe of over exposed white are a couple rows of her eggs. That undulated and strange crackling sound I had heard the night before was her producing the eggs and laying a foundation for them to stick. They sit there, waiting, hopefully out of the prying eyes of nearby predators. Hopefully to soon sprout a bunch of Katydid babies. Opportunity hidden behind bias.

  It felt good, being wrong. I love being wrong. Being wrong means that there is room for improvement. Mistakes are life’s most beautiful way of reminding us that there is still reason to live. That we still have room to improve. There is a toxic addiction to perfection that I believe is a waste of energy. What we need are more people willing to make mistakes. More people willing to guess, to test, and to confirm. You might not figure out the next world changing power source tonight, or tomorrow, but as long as you are willing to fail you will someday do something great.

  I don’t know where that little Katydid went. Interestingly they only live for about a year, such a short time for someone to live. I get grumpy about how few years I have and I’m looking at possibly 80 to 100 years the lifespan of this beautiful little creature. Stranger still how lucky I was to see her lay those eggs there, apparently they normally lay them around the stems of plants.

  Maybe her children will have the same predilection that she did. Presumably few predators are hanging out around our awnings. Maybe over the next few generations her children will be more prosperous and all the awnings of our little area will find themselves home to these green leaf bugs. It would be nice, little kids could stare up at them as I did and wonder just what those strange little bugs are doing.

  Their presumptions may be wrong, as mine were, but that is part of the magic.

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