Katydids and Ididn’ts

//Katydids and Ididn’ts

Katydids and Ididn’ts

  Another week is set to begin. I didn’t really know what I wanted to talk about today since my life has dissolved into a soupy mix of Disgaea D2 and Pokemon Y. Both are amazing and I genuinely think if you bought them you’d like them. If you didn’t, well, I dunno what to say.

  On our way to get groceries today and even when we returned there was a rather remarkable little creature hanging out on our wall. The Tettigoniidae or (as I called it) Katydid. Liz took some pictures but they haven’t been taken off the camera yet. With that in mind I’ll just slap a picture down from Wikipedia.


  It’s weird to me how something so small and simple can fill me with wonder. I wasn’t having a bad day by any means but it wasn’t exceptionally surprising either. Then I step outside and there he is. You might be wondering why I think it was a male. This strange little bug had a throbbing hind quarters and it was gnawing away at our awning. It’s little jaws created this weird cracking sound against the synthetic fibers.

  In nature I feel it is most common for the males to act crazy. Their attempts at mating with females tend to require some level of stupidity. Dancing, howling, gyrating, pulsing, flickering, or even offering their own body as sacrifice for sexy time. Nature reminds us of just how much effort goes into mating (unless you are a Duck in which case you are a rapist creeper).

  Perhaps this was the original inspiration for marriage? Man saw the rest of nature and all the wild things that nature was doing in order to achieve a mate. They saw that and were jealous. What did they have, fire? Bah, what fun is there in fire.

  Actually there is a lot of fun. But fire tends to have a mind of its own, and before you know it, it is having more fun with you than were with it. Fire is a bit like ducks in that respect.

  The katydid we saw had really convincing wings, if I saw them poking out from behind something I would believe that a leaf had stuck to whatever that thing was. Likely this would be following by a little grasshopper like head poking out and squeaking “Surprise!”. Their little front legs both out wide to increase detection.

  I don’t know what to expect of this week. Instead of predicting and posting I’ll just let it happen. See where my passions go and then talk about them. I’ll leave you with some dongs on YouTube.

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