Kitten + Sink = Addiction

//Kitten + Sink = Addiction

Kitten + Sink = Addiction

  It’s remarkable how quickly a three day weekend can go by. I spent most of this time off staying up too late, waking up too late, and doing some house work. I also managed to walk for about 2 to 3 hours this weekend which was nice and left me mighty sore.

  Since its rather late and I don’t really have anything planned to discuss today I’m just going to note that one of our cats has some strange addictions. The most unusual of them is her ridiculous obsession with our kitchen sink. Whenever we walk into the kitchen she will book it from anywhere in the house and leap up and into the sink. She’ll start head butting the sink head, meowing up a storm, and trying to nuzzle water out of it.

  You’d think we weren’t supplying them with water given how desperate she is for us to turn the sink on. However the vast majority of the time spent once that head is turned on is her batting at the water or running back and forth through it like she has her own personal water park.

  One of these days I’ll edit some video and upload it for folks to see. It’s the strangest thing, it’s like the sink is her best friend for all time. What I find most odd about the whole thing is the fuss she put up to get a bath back when she was sick, yet if you turn that sink faucet on she will play in it until she is utterly drenched.

  I’ve given it a Google and can’t find any reason she might be doing it other than just being an odd cat. Our other kitten is obsessed with underneath our bed, the drawers create a cave in the shape of a T, she likes to sleep in the spine of the T. I have taken to imagining that she is Batman and that she is researching criminals in the under bed bat cave.

  Our cats are also unstoppable when they decide they want to squeeze in behind the bed (where they can easily get trapped). We had to stuff pillows in the sides because they would dig out anything that wasn’t firmly lodged into place. I can’t tell you how many times I woke up to the sound of scurrying to just catch the ass end of one of our cats (usually Artemis) plopping down behind the bed. Next you’d hear a loud purring as she happily ran back and forth (switching on/off our power strip behind the bed), until finally she decided it was boring and the meows began.

  I’m glad we have quirky cats, they make it hard to guess how any day is going to go. The only certainty is that you sure as heck aren’t sleeping in. I think they just like to make sure we aren’t dead after not moving for so many hours, certainly neither of them sleeps for more than an hour or two at a time at maximum.

  So that’s that…got about 30 minutes before I’m off to bed and one of the busiest weeks of my year begins. Not looking forward to it, totally avoidable, just another punishing week fueled by poor leadership. For the sake of prying eyes, lets say its poor leadership in Croatia, and not my workplace. Yes, that should be a solid cover.


Seemed only right to show Venus after babbling about Artemis.
(Taken with Flash, I heard scuffling in the middle of the night and took a picture under the table to figure out what it was).

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