Learning a New Language ~ Lua

I had planned to write today and I did end up writing. Quite a lot, but it has been in a language called “Lua”. We’ve (Liz and I) been looking at mods on World of Warcraft and realized that they didn’t give us what we wanted. So we decided to make our own. For the scripting side of things I’m doing it myself. Lua is a strange language and I’ve spent most of today just trying to get my footing. But I’ve made progress, it isn’t much but I do think it is a step above “Hello World.”



So what is this thing doing exactly? Well it checks your professions one by one and then assigns values for their name, minimum skill value, and maximum skill value. It then prints all these things to chat currently when you press “/IOS”. That might not sound like too cool of a thing but the mods we’ve been using require us to install a unique mod for each different skill. That means I’ve got 15 different mods to do the same darn thing! That’s too many! Who wants that many mods? Certainly not me. So I’ve decided I’m going to build a single mod that does the same thing as 15 mods.

And, well, I’m kinda sorta there. The next part of the project is moving this to Titan Panel which we both use. That is proving to be much harder than I was expecting. The documentation for Titan Panel is both good and shitty. Good where you don’t need it to be and shitty where you wish it was good. Basically the next thing I need to do is get it visible by Titan Panel, then create a simple script that finds the professions, prints as above but with icons that match the skills, and then opens the correct tradeskill window when I click on them.

I >think< I’ve already figured out how to do basically all of that. My biggest problem is getting Titan Panel to see the darn thing. Once again their “template file” has literally nothing on the self.registry function which is essential to making your mod show up on their menu. But I’ll figure it out. Sadly I think I’ll have to dabble with .xml to get it to work and that’s just too many ugly tags for my taste.

That was my day today. Learning a new coding language and branching out into a brave new world. This should be a lot of fun! (Also managed to not go on imgur or facebook at all today, might be why I got so much done…)