Legacy of the Voided Warranty

//Legacy of the Voided Warranty

Legacy of the Voided Warranty

Played a bit more Starcraft II tonight. Going to discuss one of the units before I race off to bed. It has quickly become my favorite unit for the main storyline. It’s one of the options for the dark templar that causes them to respawn back at the Templars tech building whenever they die. It allows me to use them as scouts for the map (what do I care if they find the enemy) and over time it means my army grows and grows.

The disadvantage is that they cannot target flying units. Which is why I tend to offset them with phoenixes or stalkers. Ultimately though their main purpose is to create an endless swarm of protoss death upon my enemies. It’s incredibly satisfying and provides quite a luxury for people who just like to watch their units kickass. As for achievement hunting, I won’t be going for hard mode achievements or brutal mode. I find those more frustrating than challenging. I’ll most certainly be able to finish the game on normal.

Obviously my writing is hurting but this weekend I’ll be a busy bee. Going to shoot for 25,000 words by Saturday evening. Figure if I get ahead of the game I can not suffer quite as much from raiding. And with that, I’ll be going. I highly recommend checking out Starcraft II. You can now get the entire series for 60 dollars off of Blizzard’s website.

It is probably the most bang for your buck of just about anything this year. Certainly for RTS games (of which there aren’t that many these days).

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