Legion is an impressive expansion.

//Legion is an impressive expansion.

Legion is an impressive expansion.

I admit I haven’t yet experience the “end game” of Legion. For all intents and purposes it could very well completely crap the bed once I get there. But the experience both with alts and my mains has been excellent. Professions are so far looking real interesting and by golly the zones are lovely.

Combat as I’ve mentioned before is improved in my opinion. Skills look better, rotations play better, and the whole experience just feels better. I don’t think Blizzard has ever improved the game mechanically this much in a single go. The amount of things there are for me to do are pretty vast. Which is really what the problem was before. Before I basically had “level and then raid”. But now I feel like the game has more for me to do than I can maybe actually get done in any reasonable amount of time.

That might normally be a daunting feeling. But for me it’s a lovely one. About my biggest complaint is that I admit I get the itch to play while I’m taking care of adult work around the house. It’s not even because of your typical “addictive” mechanics. This is a bit like good food or relaxing outdoors. It just feels great because it’s fun, rather than pulling at some bestial mind strings.

In other news, I need to work out some amazon sales in the coming months. Lots of things to get rid of. Maybe make a buck or two, that would be nice.

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