Merriam-Webster’s lists Lethargy as:

1 : abnormal drowsiness

2: the quality or state of being lazy, sluggish, or indifferent

  And I must admit that I’m suffering from this hard today. I’ve been cleaning up slowly around the house for no better reason than I can’t get the energy to do much of anything. It’s an odd state of being, I mostly blame my poor choice of staying up late last night. It ruined my drive for the entire day.

  It’s a different kind of bad day, not quite depression, I know that feeling all too well. No, this is something much more interesting. It’s like my body is telling me to just slate everything for now, that’s quite an unfortunate scenario since tomorrow begins another work week. Working 70% of the waking year, not very nice to be down in the dumps the other 30.

  I have some things to look forward to this week: New Magic Cards, No Buzz Killer, and the general expectation that it’ll be a quiet office week. The house >is< coming together slowly, extremely slowly, but progress is being made. If I start laundry right after this post I just might make the floor look like something quazi-respectable.

  Part of this might be my story situation, I >know< I had a binder sitting around with notes but I can’t find it for the life of me and it is infuriating. I’ll be reprinting today but that’s still notes that I won’t be seeing again till I tear this place apart and that’s never fun.

  How do you lose something as big as a binder? Really? How many places would I have put that stupid thing, I only ever read in the bedroom before sleeping and so it should be right next to the blasted bed. But no…it’s not. I swear things sprout legs sometimes.

  On a bit of a closing and random note, serving sizes are amazing. I’ll take a picture soon but I got a “sampler size” of Coffee from Starbucks and its about the size of a human fist. I remember when sampler sizes of just about anything could be confused with singer serving hand wipes. The US has changed so fast, not always for the best (certainly on the business end) and I often find myself surprised by the changes.

  I wonder how many people actually get upset when they order something size “small” and get back a Lethargy Trapkeg. I feel like it is probably just me. I have some odd expectations that I really dislike seeing ignored or challenged. Not because I’m against change, I just understand that not all change is progress.

  It’s a mere 3 more days before I have written as much this year as I did all of last year. Remarkable…I don’t think I want another year to vanish like that.

PS. Hey Adobe, how about joining the last decade and adding auto save to Photoshop. It’s a feature that everyone else in the entire world has embraced but you, it doesn’t make your program edgy or cool it just adds another bullet point to the list of reasons its not worth a tenth the asking price. The last thing I had that didn’t include Auto Save was Sim City 4, and guess what? It crashed quite a lot also. Something about arrogance that doesn’t mesh well with sloppy coding.

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