Let’s be awkward together!

//Let’s be awkward together!

Let’s be awkward together!

  Howdy! So I’ve decided to try and deal with my social anxiety issues by starting a Let’s Play style channel. Its beginning on Twitch and once I get my bearings I’m going to start uploading YouTube Videos.


and when I’m actually playing


  If you see me playing a game that interests you I’ll play it more. Otherwise this is a project I’d like to start doing daily. I haven’t decided on an exact time yet.

  I suspect these first ones will be weird while I figure out these things. I figure I’m playing the games anyways so I might just as well vent my brain.

  Next video I’m going to just be silent unless something comes to mind and then highlight those sections instead of trying to fill all dead air.

  That’s all for today! More posts to come soon!

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