Life Goals and Life Gain [Tiny MTG Rant]

//Life Goals and Life Gain [Tiny MTG Rant]

Life Goals and Life Gain [Tiny MTG Rant]

  I have what the laymen might call “a headache” and because of this I don’t plan to update OTTO tonight. I do have plans though, I’m thinking about discussing Academic Dishonesty next. I know! So exciting, but I ‘d really like to cover as many subjects as possible and that is one that fascinates me.

  It’s on the horizon however as is my next big project. The big one, the kahuna oblongata, I’m going to try and get physically fit. What you may not know is that I’m 5’10’’ (I like to say 5’11’’, feels right) and 133-136 lbs. I’ve been this weight for almost 10 years now. Oddly through Martial Arts I ended up gaining a nice chunk of body muscle but my weight did not change, I’m still not entirely sure how that worked.

  My heart rate is slow, I actually don’t know what it is but it is slow enough that doctors who take my heart rate usually ask, with a concerned look, “Do you work out?” I respond with “I have in the past.” and they say “A lot?” And we do a bit of a dance, I then get asked if I have an eating disorder and the answer is no.

  I wouldn’t really call it a disorder, I just happen to not think about food. I love it when I get it, food is a blissful experience indeed. But when I’m not eating I rarely think “What should I eat?” Similar to how I’m never contemplating where to go for vacation, once I’m there I usually have a good time (unless it’s a state six seconds from the sun) but otherwise I am never actively searching.

  So yes, I’m quite a thin fellow. It causes problems, the lack of reinforcing muscle tissue means that lateral impacts with hard surfaces do an incredible number on my bones. I have managed to break a wrist with a fairly slow impact with the pavement back in Washington. Hopefully with a little body mass I’ll be more resilient.

  So we’ll begin another round of updates, hopefully a story update both online and offline, and workouts tomorrow. I am sorely tempted to steal an idea from Demitri Martin and try my hand at scorecards each week. Certain tasks I must complete to gather points, I will tally these points and track my progress. It could be interesting.

  Finally, in the world of Magic, I’ve completed cataloging my Black, Red, and Green MTG cards. I’ve still go White, Blue, Multi, Lands and Artifacts to go through. Once that is done the living room will be considerably less cluttered. I’ve been dwelling on a comment in this same field, a colleague proudly mentioned that I had “taken their idea” for using a particular artifact. I appreciate the pride one might get in building a deck, but when the card in question is in nearly every single control deck being posted online it doesn’t seem like a “secret”. It also doesn’t seem like something someone divines on their own, especially not when they frequent daily magic (as I do as well).

Pristine Talisman  I couldn’t remember the name of it so I literally googled “Venser Control” and just clicked a deck at random, low and behold its on the deck list! It’s called Pristine Talisman. And you can find it just about everywhere. Here too, and here…

  At any rate, I get a little flustered when someone uses an extremely popular card and then points out anytime someone else uses it as being biting. Otherwise I may as well take credit for playing forests. Basically every single modern control deck has these either in main or sidedecked…

  …the things I rant about…I swear…

  Sorry for that Smile with tongue out.

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