Life in the Workplace–Never accept Misery

//Life in the Workplace–Never accept Misery

Life in the Workplace–Never accept Misery

  It’s another one of those late nights, moon is in full view and I find myself realizing that I have not yet posted. I think my suggestion for today is that it is not healthy to presume that a job can be miserable, that it is ok for you to hate your job. We often find ourselves lost in the myth of that one true love, or in some sort of divine serendipity, but I don’t think that an expectation of happiness in the work place is an unfair one.

  There are only a few reasons that someone could find it acceptable to do something that they hate. One could be exceptional pay, perhaps the income is so great that a person is willing to ignore the deep sense of self loathing it creates within them. Another could be that the person in question is a leader, their poor charisma and inability to lead has left them with employees who are embittered and hateful of them. They look at this false truth as if it is some sort of inevitability.

  My employees hate me because that is how it works, managers must hand out the tough truth that work is not fun, it is work. The last obvious reason that this could be the case is the employee themselves, they look at their misery and they pine for some inescapable reason. They wish to pass blame onto anyone other than themselves. They see their sadness and look upon the idea of “Work being work” as their safety net. Of course this job is miserable, so are all jobs.

  This is a great lie, it probably started at the upper management level. Passed around an ideas rally to try and find ways to turn the employees against themselves. You create a self sustaining lie and then you never have to deal with the issue again. The employees will criticize one another and defend their own misery, it is brilliant and only 90% evil.

  Those who truly live are the ones that see beyond this farce. While it is hardly a fair sample, every festering dirty job you can imagine (well many) has been on the show Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe, these people, by and large, are smiling, thoughtful, and charismatic. They aren’t rock stars nor are they millionaires, but they are happy. When you can turn something interesting into a paying job that is when you’ve really made it.

  People who smile on their way to work, who laugh about what they did that day, the people who vomit rainbows when they find some new addition to their job.

Oh my god...a new circular saw is out!

  These are the real folks who have not given in to a rather devious lie. Any business that receives unanimous complaints from its employee base is a poor one, it is not defended by capitalism and it should not be defended by the average person.

  If you are miserable with your job, find another one. If you see a certain field returning nothing but miserable results for you, try a new field. Look into things you think you might not like and perhaps be pleasantly surprised.

  Take nothing at face value and never accept anxiety and misery as commonplace. These are the seeds that lead to lost lives, be it emotionally or physically. These kind of lies are what lead companies in China to build nets to stop the suicides, efficiency without humanity is unacceptable and no person should allow themselves to fall under the umbrella of a fundamentalist capitalist business.

  That’s all I’ve got, get out there and live. Don’t forget to smile.

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