Living a Fruity Pebbles Life.

//Living a Fruity Pebbles Life.

Living a Fruity Pebbles Life.

  Fruity pebbles have likely the best smell of any cereal ever created. I don’t know what it is about them but the smell is lovely. It’s full and vibrant much like actual fruit. The biggest shame is that its basically crap, you are much better off having actual fruit. In those moments though, where fruit is hiding, a bowl of fruity pebbles does me just fine.

  I only mention it because I bought some again today and they smelled just like I last remembered and tasted just like I last remembered. How strange is that? When I have a carrot they taste different each time, the differences are subtle and the smells ever so slightly different. Each carrot reminds me of my first but does not feel like a clone of it.

  I feel like food that perfectly mimics itself each time is probably not food I should be eating. There is something haunting about it. I can’t quite put my finger on it. I like that je ne sais quoi, that little something that makes each meal an experience. I like to be surprised and pleased. I like to know that my food will not live longer than I will.

  But I can’t help but appreciate that consistency, maybe not in everything, but in my comfort food. That little guilty pleasure, for some people it is alcohol, for others its less common drugs, but for me I think it is Fruity Pebbles. So at least for them I let it slide.

  Now that I think about it I think this is part of me. I like things to not be identical, to have new information rise up, to learn new things, to be surprised. There are few, if any, things that I am ultimately certain of. This means that I’m never left with nothing to do.

  I don’t think everyone is like this. Some people want certainty, they want their entire life to be fruity pebbles. I can admire the notion when I’m hungry, but I also can’t help but feel bad for those people. To be guided by certainty; that has to be strange. Spending every week, or even every day, just to keep up the homogeny. I wonder how that feels but I’d only want to know for a fleeting moment. It seems to me far too sad to last any longer.


If you are seeing this image and happen to live with me, please make these :3.

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