Living on a Budget ~ How much entertainment do I have?

//Living on a Budget ~ How much entertainment do I have?

Living on a Budget ~ How much entertainment do I have?

  I won’t be updating my story tonight. We are working double time to pack for the move. Luckily I’ve been writing so much lately that I can afford to miss a day and still be on time. It turns out I’m in a new tax bracket. My previous bracket took about 20% of my paycheck, this new one takes 30-33%. Taxes for me are a bit too difficult to predict. But it is what it is for now. I’ll move some money around and mitigate my entertainment spending. Because taxes murdered expected monthly income. Far more than I’d have predicted even as a joke.

  I’ve got 6 months of wow already paid for and frankly I really like Blizzard games. Even with just that I’ve got enough to do for a while. If 6 months of gaming isn’t adequate I apparently have got 190 days worth of games I need to play through that I haven’t yet. 4,560 straight hours of gaming that is already paid for. Remarkable number, much higher than I expected, I might have a problem with steam sales. If I assume I’ll be working 8 hours a day with an hour commuting each day that’s 1.7 years of games to play. This doesn’t even include Vita or 3DS games that I own.

  Sweet mother of god…

  I might start updating about budgeting for food and stuff. Give people tips on fun things to eat on a budget and living healthy on a budget. I don’t plan to change my diet just to keep costs down, that ends up being more costly in the medium and long run. Once Liz gets a job again we’ll throw on monocles and mock plebeians. Until that point…sweet goodness…could income taxes be a little more reasonable? I could pay for an apartment with all the taxes taken out each month now.

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