Mashed Potatoes and Toast

//Mashed Potatoes and Toast

Mashed Potatoes and Toast

I’ve managed to invent a peculiar little dish, I like to think that it is British, I doubt that it is but that helps to put an extra bit of sophistication on what is probably more common in the houses of lower class Americans. Either way it is quite delightful, I have put 2 pieces of crisped toast beneath a layer of mashed potatoes. Created something of a Potato Sandwich. I would recommend it to anyone who isn’t too hung up about food.

Obviously the next step is chewing, randomizing the matter that I once called Potato (which itself has already been thoroughly altered) and Breads (which again has been rearranged in a very specific way), breaking it are down into simpler particles. It’s not necessarily popular knowledge but digestion does very literally begin in the mouth. The combined powers of your rough upper pallet, the tongue, saliva, and the grinding and chopping of teeth all lead to an end product that is more suited for your stomach.

It travels innocently enough to the stomach where it is broken down further by Gastric Acid. The actual process seems a bit more complicated than most people give it credit. Well I shouldn’t say “most people” I’m really just projecting myself in that line, which I imagine is the popular use of that saying. The cliff notes are that the food is broken down into proteins which are broken down further into Amino Acids (thanks Wikipedia).

These will travel to the combined super highway of the upper and lower intestines where they will finish their transformation from nutritional matter (or at least matter) into an unpalatable compound (otherwise known as Poo).

What I find interesting about this process is how it relates to Entropy in my mind. In each stage we are taking an ordered structure, something we have specifically labeled as being its own thing and changing it into another ordered structure.

Each is broken down from the previous, but even at the final stage in the chain through a person that matter can easily change even more, degrade to even simpler forms of matter. Each of these forms of matter however is still in context of itself ordered.

The whole thing was described to me with the visual of a Sand Castle (on a fantastic series whose name is escaping me at the moment), if you have a bucket of particles of Sand there is only one order of them that will form that Sand Castle, however there are an infinitely many ways that sand can be laid out in not-Sand Castle.

But is that Sand Castle an ordered thing? Or is it only ordered because we give it such a name? Would that castle not suffer from the monkey’s and the typewriter. I imagine though it could be made randomly the fact that it is not commonly made is what makes it more ordered than say, the trillions upon trillions of different orders of particles of sand on any given beach.

As I write this I think to myself that what gives these ordered pairs higher place in our minds is that they are essential to our own survival. It is the current order of matter in the universe that gives us life and will continue to give us life.

As it succumbs to entropy further we begin to lose our world and inevitably all chances for life are snuffed as each individual particle is yanked further and further away from its brothers and sisters.

Entropy feels to me, at times, like an extension of our preference for the universe as it is now. It isn’t unfounded, that preference I mean, my accusations could very easily be. From the >very< little I read before writing this I see that it is more specifically aimed at each individual system. That entropy does not describe the entirety of the universe but each individual system that comprises it. That makes a bit more sense and I’m sure I’m paraphrasing it poorly.

What first reminded me of the topic was my Chai Tea cooling. The heat from the tea was escaping into the air, the temperature in the air and of the tea were reaching a state of homogeneity. It’s funny to me that the point where everything is balanced is where the problem has risen. The universe at the heat death would, at least in my mind, be a very ordered place.

Everything would be stretching away from everything else at equal speeds, accelerating at equal speeds, and I imagine when averaging out across the entire universe it would be the same distance apart. Wouldn’t’ this be the most ordered system possible?

But I imagine there is no entropy at that point anymore. So I’m probably making mountains out of misunderstood mole hills.

It’s a twisted thing, watching everything around you slowly unravel. Like a ball of yarn rolling down a hill. It creates a haunting imagery where you are left staring at a doll house, shells of your past emulating once animated and beautiful things.

Not so sure I find beauty in death, I know for some it is a thing to rejoice about, but it still feels like a waste of time. It also has the obnoxious side effect of making every delayed decision feel like an infinitely worse mistake.

On the bright side the toast and Mashed potatoes were delicious. So this particular story ends in something similar to a happy ending.

Edit: I can’t recall the last time I’ve felt this bad. Going off my last update I feel like I must look bi-polar.

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