2 Comments on Metaphysics Finale (Part 3 of 4)

  1. alex

    dude. stop ripping things directly from our class notes.
    jk, this actually helped me study for the test big time.
    But seriously…. -_-

    • Considering I already stated before that anything quoted is from the class and not myself its not ripping. Likewise all the content where I’m thinking is me.

      I know you said JK but you ended with ‘but seriously’ so I’m not sure where you are coming from.

      At any rate I am glad that it helped you study. But to be perfectly honest your comment just did little but piss me off. Accusing people of Plagiarism is a pretty big dick move when A) The majority of the writing is my own work and thought and B) As far as I can tell basically everything that isn’t was in quote boxes.

      I just wish when people annoyed me I could forget about it, if your plan was to post a comment that would annoy someone for hours on end this is the place to drop it.

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