Well I decided to give it a go at Minecraft again today. I started building a home out on the ice and started checking out 1.1 of Minecraft. They’ve made some wonderful updates and I do find myself liking it quite a bit more than I have in a long time.

  It is true that you cannot recreate the feeling of those first days of Minecraft, foregoing sleep and food to experience this new and overwhelming thing. But it is not something I abhor these days, it has not lost its positive impact, it is just dulled a bit.


  But only a little bit. The sunset was fairly breathtaking for a block world, I stared out at the frozen ocean as blocky octopi swam back and forth gleefully. There was, to be sure, many evils in the night. Skeletons with bows, spiders, creepers, and more creepers. Indeed they have had quite a mating season since I last landed in this world.


  The snow caught me off guard, to see it spontaneously begin to fall and blanket the world in beautiful white. I loved it, and what you can’t tell in this screenshot is what I’m actually trying to take a picture of…lightning.

  It’s a great thing, the immersion this brings. My little house on the ice is happy to be amidst this cacophony of nature’s various calls. I don’t yet have a texture pack in, and the one shot I have taken thus far of my own is poor, the angle at least gives it a bit of drama. It is the world outside my door, the first thing my little minecraftian wakes up to. He goes out and hunts the local wild chickens and pig, prepares some cooked meats for his adventure and sets out to cut down lumber for his home and stone for his tools.

  Coal is in short supply, but wood and game are plentiful. I have thus found an underwater pool, and have begun an excavation site in hopes of finding some rare coal deposits. Just off from my house is a lava flow that some creepers have been digging deeper each night when they attempt to end my life.

  I wonder, sometimes, what leads them to kill. Did my minecraftian ancestors hunt their people? Were they driven to the brink of extinction only to fight back and leave none but I? Perhaps I am the last symbol of a history of horror, that would be awfully poetic, and at least explain their fervor.


  So that’s it for today, I’m sure there is a nice relevant magic card, but my eyes are heavy and I think I’ll slip in just a little more minecraft before making my way to bed. Tomorrow I gather paper from Target and begin printing my book. I’ll read it and make notes and hopefully version 2 will be something beautiful. The future looks a little brighter, and I think only a small part of that is because of a certain person being 4800 or so miles away from me right now.

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