MIT – The Beauty of Defying Gravity.

//MIT – The Beauty of Defying Gravity.

MIT – The Beauty of Defying Gravity.


Science!  It might not be readily apparent in the every day commotion, but the world is coming along just as it has in the past. These days we have Einstein’s popping out all over the place, genius is becoming more easily accessed as educational resources become more widespread. While there is some underlying backlash against intellectual advancement and exploration it cannot halt the hungry minds of humanity.

  A single percent of our DNA differs from our closest evolutionary relatives. It was within that single percent that the snowball began to roll, we not only understood our surroundings better but that slight advance in cognition allowed us to start actively building upon our own knowledge. With each new insight into the world you can begin to ask more questions and with each new answer a slew of new questions explode onto the forefront of your mind.

  The only answers that aren’t worth knowing are those that can halt all future inquiry, the examples are obvious and I’m not going to dive into them. What I am going to dive into is something very recent that is also incredibly fascinating.

Holy Balls! ZeroN

[ Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. ]

  It’s called ZeroN, and effectively what they have done is create an electromagnetic “room” where gravitation cannot overcome a body. In this case that body is a sphere, the demonstration on the page (linked below the image) is something to behold.

  It might not seem obvious at first but this sort of spatial manipulation can provide a new frontier for demonstrating discoveries to others. We can save experimental models and send them to one another and play them out in three dimensional space.

  It also provides a tangible example of some very popular movie concepts (which they address in the article). Minority Report was the first that resonates in my mind, but the latest Iron Man films have shown a very advanced display system that can accept gestures and display screens in real time in various locations.

  With advances in this technology you could see larger scales systems where you could layout blueprints to buildings just as stark does. Quickly examining plans, making alterations, or perhaps even taking notes. No paper needed, no pens needed, many times reusable and much faster to handle. Efficiency, Beauty, and the fruits of mental labor.

  In particular I would love to have one of these setups to replicate astronomical events. One of my favorite programs to popup on steam (which I have not given enough love) is the Universe Sandbox. Creating solar systems and watching them interact, or even watching your own.

  With each passing month we unravel the workings of the universe on the micro and macro level, its wonderful and promising. This is an unusual transitional phase in human history where we are required to expand our mental horizons or else be left in the dust. The smallest things to have ever been imaged up to the largest things ever seen, its all happening within our lifetime and at ever increasing speeds.

  Gives me hope and a nice warm feeling.

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