Modding Starbound ~ The Beginning

//Modding Starbound ~ The Beginning

Modding Starbound ~ The Beginning

  Unfortunately there was a patch to Pokemon which makes what I was writing invalidated. I’ll think about how I want to approach the rest of breeding and perhaps rewrite it with excel. The internet is full of guides thankfully but I was enjoying myself :p.

  A separate project that I’m working on is modding the game Starbound. I’ve been overcoming hurdles as I learn and I think by the end of this weekend I should have something worth downloading. I want to handle this modding project a bit like we did in the past with my 7 days to make a game project.

  I’ll begin in earnest tomorrow and highlight ever mistake I make. This way when people come googling looking for data about Starbound and modding they will (likely) see a lot of mistakes that they made.

  That should be good. Let’s do that. But for tonight I will make with the sleeping like an adult.


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