Moves and Memories

//Moves and Memories

Moves and Memories

It’s been a while. Moving, while not yet technically complete, was quite a drain on my energy. It’s an interesting thing to realize just how much stuff you own. The revelation of this was definitely different for Liz and I.

For her it was a moment to reflect and start purging like terrible action thrillers of years past. But for me it was just a state of life.

We collect as we go along in life. Many things getting very few uses. But occasionally we glance at them somewhere along the way and feel a moment of nostalgia. Well I suppose I mean the “royal” we. Which…that’s me right? Hold on, I need to google this.

Ah right, cool. It’s close enough. I’m still likely to get rid of a lot of stuff in the next few years but I’m not sure where I’ll draw the line. If I start on a fast of “if I don’t actively use it I shouldn’t collect it” I do think I’ll basically stop doing everything.

Sounds extreme but almost nothing has lasting stay with me. I suppose I’d continue to collect video games but otherwise my focus would become very precise.

Is that better? I don’t know. I get concerned from time to time about specialization. I worry that I will eventually slip into adulthood and suddenly stop thinking. I’ve seen what adulthood does to people and it is terrifying.

The cats have adjusted almost instantly which is a blessing. Whenever they are stressed it ends up concentrating in my gut and ruining me.

At this point I really can’t see the next few years being too bad. Now if only I could stop thinking about aging in general, that would be handy.

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