My Most Satisfying Magic Match Ever.

//My Most Satisfying Magic Match Ever.

My Most Satisfying Magic Match Ever.

  I never really know how many words to capitalize in the header…so I just capitalized all of them. Lets teach lower case letters a lesson.

  Today I want to discuss a match I had today that was highly satisfying. It involved only a few cards Smile. The match was between me, my boss, and another AP at the office. I was playing Graveborn (all black reanimation deck), the other AP was playing a Fire and Lightning (red deck), and my boss was playing his red/green FU deck.


Putrid Imp    Turn one I put down a swamp and summon the Putrid Imp. All was well, I drew a land this turn but I already had another swamp in my hand. My plan was set out pretty well.

  Next went the other AP, he put down a mountain and his turn was over.

  My boss then went and put down a mountain and at the end of his turn I used the Putrid Imps ability to discard Sphinx of the Steel Wind.




  My turn began and I put down my second swamp, I drew another imp but I didn’t think he’d be necessary. I put down the swamp and cast exhume. At this point I was the only person with a creature in my graveyard. So out came the Sphinx.

  As a reminder, I’m playing a person with only red cards and another person with red and green cards. The Sphinx has the following perks: Flying, First Strike, Vigilance, Lifelink, Protection from Red and from Green.

Sphinx of the Steel Wind

“Why should I spare your life?” He asks.

    The AP, My Boss, and myself all burst into laughter. The AP says “I concede.” and chuckles a bit, downtrodden and broken my boss says “I concede.” It was, even had it not been multiplayer, the fastest match I’ve ever had. The jubilation was enough fill me for the rest of the lunch break.

    I went on to lose the second match, beaten by some rather beastly evils controlled by the AP. He had pulled out a deck with 2 creatures and it worked quite well. The match after that I switched to my Myr. It looked like death was to be all that awaited me when on my turn, while both of them were tapped out for mana I drew the following card:

Magistrate's Scepter

  By himself he seems rather harmless, a little scepter with a somewhat neat second ability. What I haven’t mentioned was I had 8 mana on the board and the following 3 creatures.

CoretapperMyr Galvanizer











  One of the merriest moments of top decking for me. I put 2 counters on the scepter with the tappers, untapped them with the galvanizer, put 2 more on it and took 3 off to have an extra turn. With this combination I had infinite turns because they had no mana to respond and we conceded the match. It was incredibly satisfying and I’m glad my cute little dodo birds were able to bring the pain.

  If we have any more matches like this I’ll probably mention them.

  Otherwise have a nice night, I am going to go finish a book methinks.

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