My Top 12 Games of 2015: #08 Dragon Quest Heroes

///My Top 12 Games of 2015: #08 Dragon Quest Heroes

My Top 12 Games of 2015: #08 Dragon Quest Heroes

I’ve actually already written a review for this game which you can read here, if you are interested. So instead I’m going to talk a bit about why I liked this game. It’s been a while since I played and I still think this is a good game. It’s a light hearted experience that really helps to calm me down when I’m feeling frustrated about things in life. I don’t want all my games to be feel good romps but I like to have that option. All the characters in Heroes are just delightful, they are caricatures from start to finish but I like that. The voice acting is great, all the corny dialogue just washes away any kind of anxiety that might be clogging up my heart. I’m a big fan of VAs that don’t have American accents. I like my games to feel a little more varied and if everyone sounds like they are from California I don’t really get that feeling.

Like most Dynasty Warriors games you >could< grind this thing out until you hate your life. You could do that, but I wouldn't recommend it. It's actually possible with Bianca to generate the monster coins at breakneck speed which makes some of the poorer design choices in the game more palatable. The actual story is pretty straightforward, you good guy, boss bad guy. Good guy beat bad guy. The end. I was cool with that then and I'm cool with it now. If you like Dynasty Warrior type games I think you'll find this pretty delightful. I haven't decided if Hyrule Warriors is better than this or not. I may have mentioned one way or the other in my review but at this point, now that I've had time away from both, I can't really say. I think they are both pretty good experiences that everyone should dabble in if they like to diversify their gaming experiences. This is another game where I'm sittin around 65% done but could get platinum in a weekend. All the things that remain are basically either done or just a small grind away. I’ll likely get back to it once I cool off from my other games but for now it’s at a comfortable stopping point. Just realized that in my Final Fantasy Post I basically linked to nowhere for my trophies. That’s embarrassing. Maybe I’ll fix that sometime.

Anywho, as I said before. It’s a good game. I probably wouldn’t come back to it year over year, but that initial binge is well worth the price of admission at full and certainly at any sale price. Obviously enjoyed it since it’s on my top 12 of 2015 :p.

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