My Weekend

//My Weekend

My Weekend

  It was a rather quiet week and I wanted to at least give a quick summary of my weekend. I drank Coffee, Made Pizza, Wrote a bit more for the Story, and finally…

Could you come back? I'm a bit busy.

  Yeah…that happened. I’m apparently fantastic at using arrows to create suggestive situations.

I'm going to hug you with my fists!

  This is my guy thus far. Not much to look at but he is doing his best to bring the pain. I am roleplaying as a bounty hunter who travels the land looking for “less than savory” characters, I collect my bounty by taking all their stuff, sort of like a repo-man. Except Repo-men rarely kill you before they take your stuff, recent movies aside.

  My current task is getting all the way through the Thieves guild chain, once this is done I will use the final item that nets me to complete the Dark Brotherhood. From there I will move on to the Mages Guild and Fighters Guild.

  Mods Wise I have OOO, Midas Magic, A few convenience Mods, and all of the DLC. I find it funny that I’m sitting on a dozen games that I haven’t started and I suddenly got the urge to play an old one I’ve done a thousand times over.

  I’ll probably keep you posted on the further adventures of “Deputus, The Bounty Hunter.”

Deputus loves fashionable headgear...

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