NaNoWriMo ~ 50,000 Words to the End

//NaNoWriMo ~ 50,000 Words to the End

NaNoWriMo ~ 50,000 Words to the End

  This is a very special month for me. It’s an excuse to eat incredibly unsafe amounts of cranberry juice and drink unfathomable amounts of eggnog. It’s also the start of an exciting new job and a brand new life experience in a different city and an entirely different climate.

  But furthermore it is that special “National Novel Writing Month” which asks people to write 50,000 words in a single month. I want to do this and though the last month got messy from getting off of work and figuring out life I believe this next month will give me the time to do it.

  It is especially helpful that there is a status page that shows me how close I am to reaching my goal. I’ve got 2,334 words of the 50,000 and I’m hoping to plug away real good over the next week or two to give me an exceptional bit of breathing room for the end of the month.

  I don’t plan to have my daily updates be only about the novel. This means that I might be updating twice per day some days instead of only once. It won’t be much additional work since one post will be a status update and easy to write quickly.

  That’s that for now. Here is a neat video about horrifying things that happened to astronauts.

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