Nappy Nap

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Nappy Nap

  I took a nap today. I don’t know how many people out there have taken a nap but I highly suggest it. I haven’t had one in months, perhaps years. At least not one that wasn’t during a vacation. It killed my time to write today but I do feel like my brain has gotten some energy restored to it.

  I’ve been reading articles on sleeping and the nature of segmented sleep, it seems to fit with my own life experiences and I’ll probably write about it more in depth as I learn more. Or at the very least once I erroneously think I understand it I’ll write about it. That seems to be the pattern, I’m very good at fooling myself into assuming that I’m deeply versed in a topic.

  The trick, I suspect, is acknowledging that this is the case. Doing so leads me to look into topics more and more, I doubt any topic is officially “done” in my mind, at least anything non-philosophical.

  I’ll probably continue to use kitten pictures to supplement heavy days. We’ll see, but for today I’ll leave you guessing. I have a picture of one of our kittens sniffing my sock. I tried to cut out my leg from the image and it just looked weird, so tomorrow I’ll probably use my amazing photoshop skills and convert my sock into an amazingly detailed knee high sock and suddenly the world will bask in the wonder of the photo editing.

  And with that…back to watching the Daily Show. This should be a nice weekend, cleaning, writing, and thinking. Not a bad line up. (Also Skyrim)

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