New Book. New Hobbies.

//New Book. New Hobbies.

New Book. New Hobbies.

  I suppose I should start off today’s post with a simple bit of shameless self promotion! If you enjoy reading what I write and/or have been wondering how you could show me some support then I have got something new for you! It’s my second short story! Maybe I can try and release a new one each month and build up the catalog. We’ll see.


  So what is Nascency? Well simply enough it is the creation story for my fantasy universe. I’ve been dabbling in writing it over the last year and finally got around to editing the draft I had written up and publishing it. You can get it for free with Amazon prime and it is DRM free. If you like it I would appreciate a review as that will help me immensely. A share on Facebook or other social websites would also be incredibly helpful.

  For now all my books will only be available on Amazon. Eventually when I get rolling enough there will be options for physical copies or copies of the books in places other than Amazon. However I figure a potentially free avenue for reading them is not too shabby. At least one person has already used that perk today!

  If you want to keep up with all my new books as they are published you can find my author page here. Other than writing books I am reading comic books again and finding that to be incredibly refreshing! I think I’ll write reviews for arcs once I finish them. As it stands “The Superior Spiderman” is really good. If it continues being as good as it has been so far it might go down as one of my favorite comic book experiences.

  I finished A.R.E.S. and you can expect a review for that sometime this week. I feel that I need to get more reviews out to help expand that catalog. I’ll also start including Comic Arcs on my Project 52 because it is a fair amount of reading. I’ve packed away about 20 comic books in the last two nights (few hours of reading).

  The New Smurfs film has done terribly the last I checked to the surprise of those who invested in it. I’m only mentioning this so that I don’t forget that I want to write about my thoughts on Sequels in general. I think it’s a fun topic and one that might shed some light on the potential reason that originals tend to sell much better than their sequels.

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