New Book! – Isles of Bellum – Birth of the Wyrd Mage

//New Book! – Isles of Bellum – Birth of the Wyrd Mage

New Book! – Isles of Bellum – Birth of the Wyrd Mage


I’m testing out the “publish later” function because I’m excited that its a thing! I didn’t realize this feature was hiding right under my nose. I have a new book out and its not even a short story! If you’ve been waiting for a book with a little meat on it I’ve got a 222 page thingamajig for you.

Isles of Bellum – Birth of the Wyrd Mage

Birth of the Wyrd Mage

  The book cover is a mix of the Amazon’s free (but extremely limited) book cover features and an art piece done by one of my favorite people in the world. The book is the first in a series about the adventures of a hero in a strange world. Stop me if you haven’t heard that one before! Actually don’t stop me that would be sad. This is part of a larger series about the Isles of Scion which I’ve described in multiple places but you can get a taste for it in the introduction for IoB and in stories like Nascency or The Effacer Prophecy. This book will introduce you to some characters that will be seen throughout quite a few of the future books and give you a taste of how I handle character development (if you can call it that).

Unless I missed something there is quite a lot to pull from this book. Clever readers that happen to keep up with the series will notice references back to this story or be able to figure out events faster than they are revealed by catching clues that end up strewn across the various books that I have written and will write. I don’t want to oversell it because I am only an amateur writer but this is something I am super excited about. My inevitable goal is to create a universe as big and sprawling as anything from Marvel or DC. I want to create something that anyone can dive into and make their own sub story about. Create new characters, new environments, new stories.

That’s the hope at least. We’ll see how it works out. I feel like with each story that I write (even during the story) the quality improves as you carry on. I hope that readers will feel the same way but if they end up not I’ll at least be happy and honored that they gave it a chance. Future stories will not have so many “hidden” things and will be much easier for me to describe without giving away the goat. I also hope that when folks see tropes or cliches in these stories they’ll be able to recognize that they have functional reasons for existing beyond lazy story telling.

No matter the outcome I’ll keep writing and keep enjoying the process of writing. All my stories from here unto infinity will be DRM Free with as many freedoms as I can allow. Currently books are Amazon only (digitally) for 90 days and then I can post them to any online shop if I want. If there is interest I’ll also use blurb to get physical books available for print.

Thanks! Real update coming tomorrow (which will be the day after tomorrow for me. I am writing this at 2AM on Wednesday and it should go up noon on Thursday). Technology is kinda awesome sometimes!

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