New Pokémon X and Y are MMM MMM Good.

//New Pokémon X and Y are MMM MMM Good.

New Pokémon X and Y are MMM MMM Good.

  Wow! Where did my day go?! Holy balls everybody! The new Pokémon game is way better than I thought it would be. There is just, holy crap, so many good changes.

  Pokémon-amie is this awesome mesh of Nintendogs, minicamps, and Pokémon. Then you’ve got the training area which is awesome sauce. You can get your EVs maxed on the toilet without fighting a single fight (assuming you have no fiber in your diet). Then you’ve got the social networking stuff which, for the first time ever, don’t suck! You can random trade with someone somewhere in the world. You put up a random Pokémon and they put up a random Pokémon and you trade. You might think you only get crap from this but I’ve been getting lots of fun stuff!

  The graphics are gorgeous, the story is cute and fun, the controls are actually real good (D-pad for walking, Joystick for Roller Skates. Did I mention they added Roller Skates?). EXP Share is now a key item and it works on all your Pokémon at once! So now you can level all 6 easily without eating up those hold spots! Which is great because they brought back the berry farm! Easy as hell to water all your plots too! Just put the mulch down, then seeds down, and when you are watering tap left or right to move to the next spot and water it without needing to rearm the watering can!

  Metric shit ton of Pokémon in each zone which comes with the territory since there are so many. I dunno man, there is a lot more to talk about. I kept reading how this was “the same game” as before but I feel like you’d need to be shoulder deep up your own ass or supremely jaded to not be impressed. So many great changes.

  This is the biggest departure ever in a Pokémon sequel. It’s still Pokémon (just like Halo is still Halo, or any RTS game is still that RTS game. I mean StarCraft II is still StarCraft if you think this is still Pokémon).

  I’m amped. I need to try and calm down though because this ate up like 8 hours of my life today. I enjoyed every minute of that but still! Holy crap! Between this and Disgaea D2 being so supremely good I fear for Arkham Origins. If I get hit with 3 stellar games in one month I might just faint.

  Go get it. Stop what you are doing if you own a 3DS and go get the game. I’ll post my friend code this week too. Jeeze man, this and Pikmin 3 both give me great hope for Super Mario 3D World.

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