New Website Layout ~ Still Beta(ish)

//New Website Layout ~ Still Beta(ish)

New Website Layout ~ Still Beta(ish)

I’ve updated the website to use a professional theme. It still requires some serious editing but I think the basic build should be quite a lot of fun. Some of the functionality I’m hoping to add soon are things like a Twitch stream appearing at the top of the page when I’m streaming. Cleaner header to help give more space to the content. Also thinking it would be nice to get integration into all these new fangled (or old fangled at this point) social networking features that exist.

Commenting is already linked through Disqus which means you can just sign in with Facebook, Twitter, G+, or whatever else and post without needing to sign up with my website. This won’t curb spam but it makes it more convenient for people. Naturally I don’t expect this to raise comment rates really because I don’t advertise but its worth a change.

I want to enhance the way people navigate to reviews and other content because right now it IS a little too hard to find. That’ll be coming soon. Things like reviews will be sorted better but when all else fails there is a simple search feature on the right there.

I don’t know what else to say for now. Pretty excited and I think its time to change things up around here. The twitch stream in particular I’m hoping to get running in the next two weeks. I might even start posting links to cool news stories and stuff, depending on how this page handles it. We’ll see.

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