New Years Resolutions

//New Years Resolutions

New Years Resolutions

  There is a predictable motion to the year for most humans. Our shared adoration for generic music, generic faiths, generic stories, all these things are constant reminders that the human experience is largely generic. There is nothing wrong with this even though many people would argue otherwise and it isn’t necessarily what I wanted to talk about.

  I want to make some new years resolutions and see how well I can achieve or fail at them. Partly inspired by a recent foray into my LiveJournal from a bygone era. Once I grab the last bit of “poetry” from that little venture I’m going to be deleting it and I can say happily that nothing of value will be lost. This Christmas I got quite a lot of stuff that will be eating up my time and with that a lot of incentives to do something with my life in the next year.

  I could choose to just dwell in the general discomfort of being alive (a rather recent irony, I spent my youth feeling physically fine and wanting to die, and now I’m perfectly happy being alive and it hurts to do so). But that sort of decision seems boring and even more generic than the alternatives. I could, and will, continue writing on this website. Judging by my past experiences with an online journal I will look back on what I’ve written and feel like I was a painfully smug individual, an individual who was wrong and frankly wasting his time more often than not.

  There is something cathartic in that however, something genuinely pleasant about seeing a past you that was utterly miserable and pointless and seeing that you have genuinely improved since then. I found rather surprisingly that people I now miss and/or idolize I apparently hated when I was younger, lots of slurs and other bile pointed towards some very intelligent and delightful people. Hormones, that must be it.

  Well that was random, I got side tracked doing a dungeon run. Alright back to my plans for 2013. We should do this in a numbered list because I don’t do nearly enough numbered lists.

  1. Finish my book.
  2. Play 1 different game a week.
  3. Read a book for 7 hours each week.
  4. Finish 52 books in a year.
  5. Don’t get angry all year.
  6. Work out 30/60 Minutes a day.
  7. Stop hurting.
  8. Keep a victories tab.
  9. Update as often as I can.
  10. Expand on Resolutions as I succeed.

  This list is fairly thick I think, but here are my plans in order. The book I will be “finished” as best as it could be within the next week or so methinks. I’ll never be truly happy with it and I think finishing it and moving onto the next novel will be my best course of action to stay happy and healthy.

  I am the owner of far more games than I need to be. I’m going to considering “playing” a game spending at least an hour with it. I will try and move through my Steam Catalog and other sources and do a short review for the games I play. Perhaps make Thursdays or some day review days for games.

  Book reading will also feature book reviews. I will alternate between fiction and educational books each week, if I don’t finish a book in the week I’m reading it I will then come back to it the week following the week I read the alternative genre.

  Project 52 will be attempted once more and we’ll see how well I can handle it.

  The angry one is inspired by Bob Ross, I would like to be a happier person and I think by choosing my battles this will be the best method. Starting a minute after 2012 I am going to just take life with stride and see how long  I can make it.

  Working out is important to me, I want to be healthy which is one half of the happy paradigm. I must achieve this and I must get going or I suspect my life will not be a very long one which would make me furious one way or the other.

  I want to figure out what is wrong with me and I want to cure it. I’m not convinced that anything is permanent, it is just a matter of figuring out the causes and reversing the damage as best as possible. If I can start going to sleep again without thinking about my body I’ll be a happy man. 2013 is that year I hope.

  I’m going to collect all my victories and put them in a jar I think, this requires 3 things, a pen, a jar, and some post cards I wager. We’ll see how well it goes.

  We’ll have potentially interesting little discussions here, where discussions are me vomiting up my thoughts and hoping something ends up interesting. I feel like if I’m reading constantly and trying to achieve my resolutions I’ll have plenty to say.

  Finally if all this works and I start to become productive and happy I’m going to expand on my resolutions. Perhaps keep a resolutions tab on a separate page and see how far we can go. So here is to 2013 and seeing just how lucky a year it can be.

  Perseqour and Chrolizius!

This might not mean anything to you, but I’m very pleased.

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