Nu-Xandar, The Living Planet ~ They called him. . . Ego.

//Nu-Xandar, The Living Planet ~ They called him. . . Ego.

Nu-Xandar, The Living Planet ~ They called him. . . Ego.

  Ego is a fascinating creature from the Marvel universe. He’s one of the few creatures that actually commits genocide in the comics (that I’m aware of). At one point he turns good and lets a civilization live on his surface, something happens and he snaps and he absorbs everyone. Just melts an entire race of people. Crazy shit.


Hey Sexy, you look delicious.

  Ego floats around the galaxy being kind of like a round Galactus. But that’s not the point of this post, more the inspiration that Ego gives me.

  What would we need to do to turn the Earth into a literal space ship? Unbound from the tethers of the sun’s gravitation. Obviously there are a few questions.

  How fast can the Earth be moving before shit starts going wrong? So right now the earth is moving at 67,000 Miles per hour. That’s fairly fast, I almost never move that fast. But how fast could we be moving? At what point would us moving fast near a large object start to cause us to trail off our atmosphere and turn us into a giant comet basically.

  I honestly don’t know the answer to that, it is just a thought. But at the very least we know we can move at 67,000 MPH. That’s not very fast but I mean, don’t complain, this space ship will never be running out of supplies if you play your cards right.

  But wait! You say, what about the sun! If we don’t have sunlight we are boned. This is true, the sun drops enough energy to power everything we do for an entire year in about a minute. That’s a lot of energy! You could make a lot of bacon with that kind of power.

  It seems unrealistic to think that we could generate that kind of power on the go. If we could then why wouldn’t we just build a badass space station and use that? My guess is that we’d need some kind of enclosure for the planet. A gigantic Bucky ball that would concentrate all the light that travels towards the planet from across the galaxy. We would also use whatever newfound energy sources we are using to move this planet in the first place (since we must have found something) and use those to generate copious amounts of light to simulate the day and night cycle of the Earth.

  I wonder if you could generate energy by harnessing the magnetosphere of the Earth? I’ve got twenty bucks down that says there will someday be an actual physicist reading this who will shake their head slowly and say no. But again just brain farting.

  You might ask why I’d want to take the planet with me. If we have the power to move it then obviously we have the power to build something more conventional. But to me the Earth is something special, our home, the origin of our species. It would be sad to watch it inevitably be consumed by the Sun.

  At the very least I know that we could someday move it out of the gnashing fangs of the sun and let it at least float frozen around that dead husk that follows. Progress!

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